Hisense Collaborates With Safe-Hub Berlin To Celebrate The Power Of Community


In June 2024, Hisense joins hands with Safe-Hub implemented a "Public Viewing Event" in the Wedding district of Berlin, offering young people the opportunity to watch the EURO 2024™ matches, aimed at promoting communication and understanding among young people from different cultures and backgrounds.


Hisense believes that investing in the cohesion and safety of a community is an investment in the potential and success of its young members, enabling them to lead happy and healthy lives.


By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, communities can enhance academic achievement, and mental and physical health, reduce risky behaviors, and inspire higher educational and career aspirations among young people.


However, children and young people in structurally disadvantaged areas are often marginalized in this respect, too.


They deserve our support to prepare for a better future and pursue their dreams.


The UEFA EURO 2024 is a great opportunity to address this topic, foster such nurturing atmospheres, and remind ourselves about the significance of community.


This is why Hisense decided to go beyond its sponsorship of the UEFA EURO 2024, and support the Safe-Hub Berlin.


A Safe-Hub is a safe place for young people. Here they have fun, receive holistic support, and can develop freely. In Berlin, Safe-Hub is located in Wedding, one of the city‘s structurally disadvantaged districts.


Together, Hisense and Safe-Hub Berlin are providing the local community and residents with a Watch Party experience, that promotes inclusivity and diversity, bringing everyone together through the power of football.


These watch parties for 16 games also include football tournaments and educational sessions (based on participatorymethodologies).


This invest in the cohesion and safety of the Wedding neighborhood includes financial resources, Hisense product donations, and a dedicated communication campaign. The campaign aims to create awareness and support for both, Safe-Hub Berlin as well as our pledge for social cohesion in general.


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Hisense Collaborates With Safe-Hub Berlin To Celebrate The Power Of Community Hisense Collaborates With Safe-Hub Berlin To Celebrate The Power Of Community

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