Corporate Social Responsibility

Hisense launched the "reading and discovery" activity

In July 2016, Hisense launched the "reading and discovery" activity. Accompanied by Hisense volunteers, more than 30 children from Beichuan left their hometown and came to Qingdao. This was the first time they saw the sea and had an intuitive understanding of the outside world. Hisense Refrigerator Company also launched the scholarship awarding ceremony to issue scholarships to those children who studied hard. Hisense encouraged them to face life bravely and change their own fate by learning knowledge. Since then, this activity has been held once a year, and the scope has been expanded from Chenjiaba primary school to other primary schools in poverty-stricken areas in Yunnan and other places.

Hisense Group has not only set up public welfare grants and education funds for many years to donate Hope Primary Schools, and fund poor children and families, etc., but also abandoned commercial development of the old industrial park located in the prime location of No. 11 Jiangxi Road after the whole Hisense R&D center was moved to the new industrial park, planning it as a cultural and educational center, and building nine-year primary and secondary schools and corresponding educational supporting facilities to inherit Hisense culture and fulfill its social responsibilities, which has been recognized and praised by the community.

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