Soundbar: 980W x 58H x 90D (mm)

Subwoofer: 240W x 420H x 240D (mm)

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Hisense HS312 Soundbar - 3.1 Channel Feature

3.1 Channel

Feel Every Dimension

Hisense HS312 Soundbar - 300w Output Feature


Fill Room with Powerful Sound

Hisense HS312 Soundbar - Dolby Atmos Feature

Dolby Atmos 

Hisense HS312 Soundbar - Powerful Bass Feature

Powerful Bass

Hisense HS312 Soundbar - Bluetooth Feature


Hisense HS312 Soundbar - 4K Pass Through Feature

4K Pass Through 


Being Together makes Each Better

As the best companion, Hisense Soundbars are born with its 4K UHD TVs. An upgrading visual and audio enjoyment from Hisense 4K UHD TVs and Soundbars, you can go beyond what you see.

Feel Every Dimension

Hisense HS312 Soundbar completely envelops you in sound, even from overhead. Virtual upward-firing speakers which not enthralled by space project audio flying over your head while side-firing speakers send sound around you. You can enjoy an immersive and astonishing sound even in a big and open space. 

Hisense HS312 Soundbar - 300watts poerful sound Hisense HS312 Soundbar - 300watts poerful sound

Fill Room with Powerful Sound 

Be enthralled by wide range room filling sound, HS312 surrounds you with 300 Watts powerful sound, every seat in your room is the best seat. 

Hisense HS312 Soundbar - 4K Icon Hisense HS312 Soundbar - 4K Icon

A Seamless 4K Experience 

With 4K Pass-Through built in and a High Dynamic Range signal, a simple HDMI connection will deliver the best audio and visual quality for movies and music, enjoy a seamless 4K experience.

Multiple Audio Enhancements

According to different sound demands in different scenes, we designed multiple audio enhancements, such as Movie mode, Music mode, Sports mode, Late Night mode, and News mode, you can switch to your desired one freely.

Hisense HS312 Soundbar - Music Mode
Music Mode
Enjoy a sophisticated full-range theater-level sound with power bass detail.
Hisense HS312 Soundbar - Movie Mode
Movie Mode
More immersive sound makes you feel like you are inside of the action.
Hisense HS312 Soundbar - Late Night Mode
Late Night Mode
Ensure that you'll be able to hear even the quietest dialouge at low volume without spikes of loudness.
Hisense HS312 Soundbar - News Mode
News Mode
Clear and focused speaker sound.
Hisense HS312 Soundbar - Sports Mode
Sports Mode
Sport mode with surround and clear dialog audio enhancement is great for watching sport games. The immersive experience.

Now, here’s the technical bit...

Output power:
30Wx6+120W=300W AC 100-240V-50/60Hz
Dolby Atmos / Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital
HDMI IN x2 / HDMI OUT(ARC) x1 / LINE IN / USB /Optical / Coaxial
Recommend TV size:
50” 55” 65” 75”
Dimension (Soundbar):
980W x 58H x 90D(MM)
Dimension (Subwoofer):
240W x 420H x 240D(MM)
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