2.1CH All-in-One Soundbar HS214

650W x 58H x 95D (mm)

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Hisense HS214 Soundbar - All-In-One Feature


Instantly Upgrade your TV
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - 80W Feature


Output Power
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - Dolby Audio Feature
Dolby Audio
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - Powerful Bass Feature
Powerful Bass
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - Bluetooth Feature
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - Roku TV Ready Feature
Roku TV Ready

Enjoy Better TV Sound

Easy to place and connect to TVs. Hisense HS214 is an All-in-One Soundbar that improves your TV sound experience and is perfect for TVs 32” or larger. Instead of just hearing the scene, you’re transported into the center of it.
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - Roku TV Ready Icon

Roku TV Ready

As a Roku TV Ready device, Hisense HS214 Soundbar is fully compatible with any Roku TV through one cable HDMI ARC, and use only one Roku TV remote to control both, easier setup and better integrated on-screen Soundbar settings experience during use.
*Roku TV ready only available in US Market.
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - Wireless Music Streaming Icon

Wireless Music Streaming

Hisense Soundbar includes Bluetooth technology for easy wireless connections to the smart devices. Enjoy music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - movie Mode
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - Audio Mode
Hisense HS214 Soundbar - News Mode

Multiple Audio Enhancements, Switch Freely

According to different sound demands in different scenes, we designed multiple audio enhancements, such as Movie mode, Music mode, and News mode, you can switch to your desired freely.

Now, here’s the technical bit...

Output power:
20W x 2 + 40W = 80W
AC 100 - 240V ~ 50/60Hz
Bluetooth 4.2
LINE IN/ USB/ HDMI OUT (ARC) x 1 / Optical/ Coaxial
Dimension (Bar):
Soundbar: 650W x 58H x 95D (mm)
Recommend TV Size:
32” 40” 43” 50”
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