Washing Machine

10kg Front Load Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM

595W x 610D x 845H (mm)

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Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Allergy Steam Care Icon


Removes the allergen from clothes to ensure the washing items are allergen-free.
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Pure Stream Feature

Pure Stream

Less ironing, deep clean, refresh clothes
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - 15degree control panel
15° Control Panel
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Durable Inverter Feature
Durable Inverter
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Self-Diagnostic Fault-Finding Feature
Self-Diagnostic Fault-Finding
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Big LED Screen Feature
Big LED Screen
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Less Ironing Icon

Less Ironing, Deep Clean, Refresh Clothes

Pure steam

Hisense steam wash technology releases gentle steam to remove clothes’ odour. After the steam washing, your clothes will be as clean and soft as new clothes, and you don’t need to iron it again.
* This function is only application for Washer & Dryer
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Humanized Design Icon

Humanized Design, Easy to Use

15° Control panel

A good washing machine must be easy to use. Hisense washing machine aims to bring easier life to every family. With the 15° inclined panel design, the washing machine makes operating much more user-friendly, which means you don’t need to bend down to touch the button anymore.
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Quiet icon

Quiet, Energy Efficient, More Durable

Durable inverter

The inverter motor of a washing machine is just like the engine of a car. The motor adopted in this series products has been upgraded and thus it generates less heat when operating and helps to keep the environment peaceful. It can even work in the mid of night without making annoying noise.

  • Quiet and low vibration
  • More energy saving
  • Environmentally friendly
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Detect the faults Icon

Detect The Faults Automatically

Self-diagnostic fault-finding

Once an unlikely event - a fault happens, its self-diagnostic function will provide you the error code, which allows you to solve the problem by checking the manual. The appliance will also detect incorrect usage or product faults automatically, and alert you to protect your appliance from further damage.
Hisense Washing Machine WFQR1014EVAJM - Easy Operation Convenience Icon

Easy, Operation Convenience

Big LED screen

This Hisense washing machine comes with a big LED touchscreen. You can easily select your favorite program among a wide range of programs.


Net Dimension
595 x 610 x 845 (mm)
Cabinet Color:
Washing Capacity:
Drum Type:
Max Spin Speed Option (RPM):
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