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Hisense Launches Laser TV White Paper with Economist Impact, Benefitting Society Through Laser Display Technology

10 November 2022
On Nov. 10th, Hisense, a global high-tech enterprise, released its official white paper for the Laser TV industry, "Hisense innovates: Transforming lives through Laser display technology" with Economist Impact. Launched by The Economist Group in 2021, Economist Impact partners with leading corporations, governments and nonprofits to deliver positive societal change. The official white paper is a comprehensive interpretation of current and future display technology and a demonstration of Hisense Laser technology. Releasing on the World Science Day for Peace and Development, Hisense highlighted the ground-breaking role of Laser display technology, and how this cutting-edge innovation benefits the life of people around the globe.

Hisense Laser TV White Paper Hisense Laser TV White Paper

Hisense Laser TV White Paper

The Laser TV White Paper Showcases Hisense’s Achievements in Laser TV Industry
Hisense’s Achievements in Laser TV Industry Hisense’s Achievements in Laser TV Industry

Hisense’s Achievements in Laser TV Industry

In recent years, the Laser TV industry is rapidly maturing in terms of technological innovation, value chain, and market recognition. As a pioneer in the industry, Hisense has been consistently driving the innovation and development of Laser display, which is a significant initiative to achieve ultra-high definition display and an outstanding solution to enhance consumers' lifestyles.

Back in 2007, Hisense was one of the first companies to develop Laser TV technology and to reconsider the idea of TV for home. Since Hisense introduced its first ultra-short throw Laser TV in 2014, it has been leading the evolution of Laser display technology, expanding the multi-dimensional applications and utility scenarios of Laser display technology, and creating a new sustainable future with low power consumption of Laser display.

The official white paper showcased Hisense's continuous efforts to develop displays that can work anywhere, including gaming monitors and cloud platforms for various industries. Besides, Hisense has also verticalized R&D efforts, from the Tcon display driver chip and picture quality chip, to operating systems, apps and terminals that can support different technologies like LCD, Laser display and ULED. In the future, displays are not only to 'see', but also a point of contact between human and machines, transforming people's life through well-designed and carefully crafted Laser technology.

Benefitting Society through Laser Display Technology
Laser TV for eye protection Laser TV for eye protection

Laser TV for eye protection

In the spirit of World Science Day for Peace and Development, the official White Paper also uncovered how Laser display technology is making a positive impact on society. A case in point is Laser display technology’s proven benefits when it comes to eye protection. Hisense Laser TV reduce the harmful blue light source to ensure eye-friendly and realize realistic watching experience.

Hisense Laser TV also empowers sustainable development with higher recyclable rates and energy efficiency. According to Hisense research, the power consumption of a Laser TV is around one-third of a LCD TV with an equivalent screen size, reflecting its sustainability and environmental friendliness.

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