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Hisense Japan launched outdoor advertising of Hisense becoming the official sponsor of FIFA World Cup
On 20th of July, Hisense Japan Launched outdoor advertising of FIFA World Cup on outer wall of Hisense Tower. The impressive outdoor poster has attracted a large number of passersby stop to watch on the bustling street of Tokyo.
The huge hanging poster on the outer wall of Hisense Tower is 7m wide and 18m high. Hisense Japan selected FIFA World Cup Composite LOGO as the major element of the poster, the composite logo reflect Hisense’s status as the official sponsor of 2018 FIFA World Cup. As another big attraction, the FIFA World Cup in the middle of picture gleams golden sheen. Hisense 4K TVs would be well promoted to customers and be one of attractions, beneath the FIFA World Cup image. The side slogans is the quintessence of the outdoor advertisement, it proclaim: Hisense becomes the official sponsor of 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Besides the appealing design of the poster, The outer walls of Hisense Tower is some of the best places to put on the quality commercials. The location of Hisense Tower is excellent, in a trendy, central and populated district, which giving the poster even more exposure. It’s worth mentioning that Hisense Tower is surrounded by a number of universities, the more than twenty thousand students pass through here or have a short stay per day, these young men not only has immense enthusiasm for FIFA World Cup ,but also be regarded as target customers of Hisense Japan. Beyond that, Hisense Japan had made full use of own resources for the outdoor advertisement injecting, the campaign realized that the advertisement effect should be maximized and the cost minimized.
During the past six years, Hisense Japan has already battled through fiercely competitive circumstances and experienced rapid growth. From January to Jun 2017, Hisense Japan’s sales units went up 139% and sales value increased 101.0%. Hisense Japan will continue to drive excellence forward and aims to keep developing marketing campaign of FIFA World Cup, promoting the brand awareness and sales.
Being one of top competition, FIFA World Cup is popular in the society and liked by so many people in Japan. Sony has become a household brand around the world by sponsoring the FIFA World Cup. Now, Hisense will challenge Japanese customers’ perceptions of Hisense by sponsoring the world-class competition. Through the event, Hisense Japan clearly demonstrates that Hisense becomes a member of world class brands.
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