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Hisense South Africa refrigerator sales topped the No.1 of the value market share
According to authoritative data research institution, statistics show that from January to May of 2017, Hisense South Africa’s refrigerator sales units market share increased 3 percentage points year on year and sales revenue increased 5.8 percentage points year on year. Sales value market share reached 24.1%, ranking first in the industry.
This result was not easy. Due to the impact of economic downturn, from 2017 January to May, South Africa's overall market sales units fell 8.3% and sales revenue fell 9.9% year on year. Within the harsh market environment, the main competitive brands have adopted direct price cuts for market share, but Hisense South Africa did not blindly follow this. We adopted a flexible and diverse sales strategy to support business growth to avoid falling into a price war, stabilizing the price point.
Here are some points on how this was achieved:
Adhere to the customer's structure optimization, strengthen and focus on strategic customer relationship maintenance. From January to May 2017, the cumulative sales revenue of refrigerator customers reached 230 million Rand, increasing 19.28% year on year and the cumulative sales of strategic customers increased from 49.53% to 58.05%.
Making full use of South African holiday spending habits, Hisense South Africa carried out promotional activities in public holidays and the end of the month. For example, we carried out Easter promotions in the main channels in April. The main 24 stores which we focused on monitoring, their sales revenue reached 22.65 million Rand, increasing 28% year on year. Furthermore, in  main channels, when customers buying high-end products, packaged deals such as small refrigerators, small  freezers, microwaves and small gifts are advertised as added value. This promotes sales of high-end products to enhance market share, at the same time, maintaining high-end product price.
Hisense South Africa adheres to the product structure optimization, in order to promote the amount of high-end refrigerators. From January to May 2017, the total sales volume of high-end refrigerators was 15,856 units. The high-end sales accounted for 26.93%, up by 4.68 percentage points year on year. The cumulative price index for the year from January to May was 91, up 13 percentage points year on year. The product structure has been advanced optimized.
Improve the brand image of in-store merchandising continuously. In 2017 January to May, Hisense South Africa increased five high-end shops in main channels, creating a better display and shopping experience of overall brand image.
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