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Sometimes there is dripping from the flap of the indoor unit. Why?
This may be caused by the temperature being set too low while indoor humidity is heavy. This could also be caused by the wind speed being low, in which there might be vapor condensation causing the drip. This would not be the machine's problem.
Sometimes there is a peculiar smell when the air conditioner starts up, why?
This may be caused by not cleaning the filter or not replacing the fresh air net for a long period of time. Generally, Hisense air-conditioning has a deodorizer function, which can effectively maintain freshness of your indoor air.
Why am I hearing the sound of water and air flow in my refrigerator?
During operation, the refrigerant continually flows into the evaporation pipe by the running of the compressor, which results in this sound. This is perfectly normal.
When I connected a LCD TV to the computer and set a higher resolution, the picture became less clear. Why?
The physical resolution of LCD screens is of a certain degree. If it's over set, the redundant information may not be able to display, and the internal chip will skip processing, which decreases the image clarity. Therefore, when setting the resolution, try to set it as close as possible to the physical resolution. (for specific information, please see the brochure).
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